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Catherine is an experienced voice-over artist with access to a home studio, featuring industry standard equipment for professional results. Listen to her reels here. For more information please contact Catherine's voice-over agents

Jamie Grant and Julie Theivandran at Loud and Clear Voices.

(+44) 207 636 6123





Catherine can be heard on everything from national TV and radio campaigns, to computer games, to radio drama, to audio books. Her Audible Page gives details and reviews for her reading of fiction and non-fiction books and appearances in audio drama. Her recent work includes reading The Complete Essays and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe and The Gendered Brain (both for Penguin), as well as appearing as The Queen of France in The 3 Musketeers and Mary Darling in Peter Pan, (both for Audible) and episodes of Dr Who and Blake's 7 for Big Finish.

Details and clips of her readings can be found on the Penguin Books' directory Ahab

She has also provided voices for computer games such as The Bradwell Conspiracy, Greedfall and Elite Dangerous, which is featured in the video below:

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